November 14, 2017

LT/Metering Panel

Panel metering is key to understanding energy consumption in homes, buildings, and facilities. This is often undertaken by either metering the whole panel at the source, or by metering individual circuits for more refined results (branch circuit monitoring).Panel meters offer a wide array of features including data logging, internal memory, time-of-use, power quality and more. Additionally panel meters can also feature a variety of communication options which allow for the collection of data remotely. This offers convenient access to an array of power and energy readings remotely, and the ability to produce detailed reporting.

LT (low tension) panels are a kind of control panels which are used for the controlling of the incoming voltage in the appliances and distributing it across different electrical circuits in the most useful manner.

Used in multi-storied residential or commercial complexes.Along with meters panels are equipped with primary change over switches, MCCBs, Earth Fault relays and Fuses to provide multiple fault protection.

The features are as follows:-

  • Fully Customized LT/Metering Panel
  • Rating starts from 1kW to 500kW
  • Equipped with best in quality switchgears
  • All test report certifications available
  • IP20/54/65 Enclosures, as per requirement
  • With built in MFM/TVM meters
  • RS485 –MODBUS RTU Communication
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